Decoding Some Common Terms Used In a Fence Company Phoenix, AZ

If you have already got any kind of fencing done around your home from a fence company Phoenix, AZ, you would be knowing several terms used in their context. This is a very common thing and another very important thing knows about different designs as this will help you get the best one as per your requirement and budgets. In this post, we will discuss some top terms and according to the experts, some of them are really common, but others are complex and require a little bit more efforts to get figured out.

Fence Company Phoenix AZ

Top examples of “the most common terms” are entrance gate, picket fence and terminal post, but not all homeowners are aware of the exact meaning of these phrases. Keep reading this post for a closer look at some common fencing terms that all homeowners should know.

Entrance Gate

  • The term, “entrance gate” is used to define different kinds of gates and other fencing installations.
  • However, you’ll find a number of suppliers using it exclusively to point out gates, but this is very infrequent.
  • According to those dealing in different kinds of aluminium fencing, the term “entrance gate” can also be used to define the one that leads into a courtyard or even your pool area.

Picket Fence

  • The next very common, but misunderstood term is picket fence and suppliers, sellers and homeowners have different opinions on this.
  • Generally, picket fencing is made up of wood, but wrought iron fence, metal fencing, etc. can also be termed as picket fencing.
  • White picket fence is purchased the most from every fence company Phoenix, AZ as it is considered as a symbol of the great American dream.
  • Picket fencing can do a great job of defining the boundaries of your property.
  • As said above, mostly they are made up of wood, but any fence that uses posts or vertical slats could be considered a picket fence.

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